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Route 764 Between

Altoona & Duncansville

PO Box 305

Duncansville,  PA  16635

For the 2016 OPERATION S.O.S. campaign, we are accepting ONLY the following items. Please read the list carefully, as we have made several changes since last year.


We CANNOT accept canned goods, items in glass jars or aerosol cans, and items which have expired or will expire by the end of the year. Unfortunately, if received, these items will NOT be packed into the soldiers’ boxes.



• Nuts, sunflower seeds, fruit snacks, and trail

mix in individual packets

• Microwave popcorn, dried fruit

• Beef jerky and Slim Jims

• Tuna or chicken lunch kits (with crackers)

• Protein bars, Clif bars, cereal bars, etc...

• Pop Tarts (8 ct. boxes), Rice Krispie Treats

• Potato chips in cans (Pringles, Lays)

• Single-serving packs of pretzels, cheese and

crackers, and boxes of Cracker Jack

• Gum, Life Savers, and Tic-Tacs

• Fruit cups and pudding cups (in 4-cup packs)

• Peanut brittle, hard candy, Christmas candy

• Candy bars (any size)

• Individual serving ready-to-eat microwavable meals like Hormel Compleats, Campbell’s

Chunky or Select Harvest soups, Chef Boyardee cups, Velveeta or Kraft Mac n Cheese cups

• Boxes of instant oatmeal

• Seasonings such as Mrs. Dash, hot sauce, Tabasco sauce, salt, pepper, garlic salt

• Jif Peanut Butter To Go (1.5 oz cups)

• Instant Lunch Noodle Cups, Ramen Noodles

• Homemade cookies and other homemade goodies (in Gladware or other new plastic disposable containers) To ensure freshness

please do not drop off homemade items until Nov. 28th and 29th.



• Individual drink mixes like Crystal Light On-the-Go, Propel, Kool-Aid Singles, and Lipton

Tea-to-Go that can be added to a water bottle

• Boxes of hot chocolate mix

• Boxes of tea bags, coffee bags (Folger’s Coffee Singles, etc...)

• Individual packets of sugar, sweetener, and flavored or unflavored creamer



• Eye drops, saline nasal spray

• Throat lozenges and cough drops

• Liquid hand sanitizers (10 ozs. and under)

• Odor Eaters, cushion or gel insoles

• Healing lotion, powder or ointment for feet

• Hand lotion, body lotion, body powder (all 15 ozs. and under)

• Small packets of facial tissues and Q-tips

• Pain relievers (like Tylenol and aspirin, in individual packets or small bottles)

• Feminine hygiene items

• Toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss

• Non-aerosol shave cream, disposable razors

• Non-aerosol bug repellent, fly paper

• Non-aerosol sunscreen, aloe vera lotion

• Non-aerosol deodorant

• Room deodorizers such as Stick-Ups

• Shampoo, conditioner, body wash or shower gel (all 15 oz. and under)

• Lip balm (Chapstick, Blistex, etc...)

• Baby wipes and Wet Ones (small packages or travel size)



• Homemade ornaments (no glitter, please)

• Hand-written cards or thank-you notes

• Cleaning and disinfecting wipes (Clorox, etc..)

• Snack, sandwich, and quart-size zipper bags

• 1 gallon Ziploc brand double zipper freezer


• Word search or crossword puzzle books

• Frisbees, Nerf balls, tennis balls, etc...

• Air-activated hand warmers (Hot Hands, etc..)

• Playing cards, new or used music CD’s and movie DVD’s (not Blu-ray)

• Recently published magazines

• Travel-size games (Scrabble, Yahtzee, etc...)

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